Coming full circle...

I'm originally from Allentown Pennsylvania, but left the area in October of 1987 when my parents and I moved to Massachusetts.

I became interested in genealogy about 17 years ago when a 2nd cousin of my mom contacted her (my mom) as part of her research.

I started my 'research' with my great grandfather, Lewis F. Jarrett. I started with what I knew, working my way through his descendants.

Lewis was born just outside of Williamsport, Pennsylvania in 1892. At an early age he became a car mechanic in the early 1900s. He eventually moved to Albany, New York, in the mid 1920s and opened his own car dealership. Having grown up in the auto industry, my grandfather Lewis F. Jarrett Jr. and his younger brother, Donald, decided to open a car dealership themselves. Not wanting to compete against their father, they chose Allentown as a good of place as any to do so.

Skipping ahead… my parents moved back to Pennsylvania and bought a house in Macungie, PA a suburb of Allentown. In November of 2010 my mom passed away at home.

With grandparents gone and now my mom, the genealogy bug kicked into high gear. I all of a sudden felt this pressure to document as much a possible as quickly as possible. With the I made a tree on About two weeks after doing so, I received an email from Paul Metzger. Paul was also researching the Jarrett's and saw my data. In looking at each other's pedigree we figured out that we are 7th cousins.

Paul was also the register for the Pennsylvania chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution and is very knowledgeable. He pointed me to Dorothy Elsie Worman’s genealogical monograph on the Gilbert-Knappenberger-Jarrett & Allied Families (published in 1990). From Worman’s book I discovered my ancestors came from Macungie, just five miles from were I grew up and my parents house sits on land that my 7th Great Grandfather, John Jarrett, was deeded by the William Penn family in 1735.

In about 1810 Daniel Jarrett, a grandson of John (and my 5x great grandfather) left the Macungie area and settled in Williamsport, which brings me back to the beginning of my research.
Jeffrey Mayes pedigree

John Jarrett Sr.

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Isaac Jarrett

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Daniel Jarrett

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Isaac Daniel Jarrett

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Oliver Perry Jarrett

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Charles Shaner Jarrett

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Lewis F Jarrett Sr.

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Lewis F Jarrett Jr.

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Carol Ann Jarrett

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Jeffrey Jarrett Mayes