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I am Jeff Mayes, originally from Pennsylvania — Allentown to be exact — the good side of the state. I moved to Massachusetts in 1987 and initially worked as a production electrician (theatre, dance, concerts, etc…). I have broad reaching interests in many areas such as Photography, Genealogy, Scouting, and the Outdoors. I am particularly interested in Outdoor Leadership.

This website is designed to highlight and share those interests. I hope you find it useful - please contact me if you have any questions or want to explore something further.

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Lasmuigh is the Irish (Gaelic) word for outdoors. Between volunteering with the Scouts and the Appalachian Mountain Club, I spend a lot of time leading trips and teaching skills.

Being outdoors, kayaking or hiking is a passion and something that I love to share with others.

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I started shooting photographs as a hobby and moved into professional photography in 2004 and specialize in a number of areas including Emergency Services (EMS, Fire & Police) and Performing Arts.

My photography has been used on many websites as well as in Boston area newspapers and national magazines. Portfolios showcasing the various types of Photography that I specialize in are here. Enjoy!

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Website Development

Website development has been a part of my work portfolio for many years. A well-developed site can be your most cost-effective means of attracting visitors and converting them to paying customers.

Generally I work on small projects in areas/services that I’m personally interested in for customers on limited budgets.

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Tracing ancestors as far back as possible, has brought great satisfaction and pleasure to many people. I enjoy the challenge of finding living distant relatives and sharing what I have learned. Adding in new parts of the family tree and sharing our history is a part of of the joy.