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National Parks

I am a passionate believer in the American National Park System - truly they are “America’s best idea.” The American Park System contains some of the most diversified eco-systems on the planet. Around the world, our example for creating National Parks to educate and inspire visitors through environmental and historical conservation has been copied to preserve heritage sites. The National Parks System far reaching mission protects everything from the oceans to the mountain, all for the benefit of present and future generations.

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Bryce Canyon National Park

There can be nothing in the world more beautiful than the Yosemite, the groves of the giant sequoias and redwoods, the Canyon of the Colorado, the Canyon of the Yellowstone, the Three Tetons; and our people should see to it that they are preserved for their children and their children's children forever, with their majestic beauty all unmarred. President Theodore Roosevelt


Below is a list of park units I have been fortunate enough to visit. Some I have only been to once, while others I have been to so often that I know them as well as I know my own home. Each one leaves me with a yearning to come back. Whether it be beautiful scenery, or learning about the history of our great county, there is always reason to go back. It never gets boring.

The list is in no particular order, it's just divided up by region according to Eastern National's Passport To Your National Parks program. Myself, and my family are avid collectors of the cancelation stamps as a great way to record and remember when we visited each park.

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North Atlantic
  • Minute Man
    National Historical Park
  • Springfield Armory
    National Historic Site
  • Lowell
    National Historical Park
  • New Bedford Whaling
    National Historical Park
  • Salem Maritime
    National Historic Site
  • Longfellow House Washington's Headquarters
    National Historic Site
  • Vanderbilt Mansion
    National Historic Site
  • Home of Franklin D. Roosevelt
    National Historic Site
  • Eleanor Roosevelt
    National Historic Site
  • General Grant
    National Memorial
  • Fort Stanwix
    National Monument
  • Women's Rights
    National Historical Park
  • Saratoga National
    Historical Park
  • Martin Van Buren
    National Historic Site
  • Ellis Island
  • Statue of Liberty
    National Monument
  • Acadia
    National Park
  • Weir Farm
    National Historic
  • Cape Cod
    National Seashore
National Capital
  • Lincoln Memorial
  • Korean War Veterans Memorial
  • World War II Memorial
  • Ford's Theatre
  • Vietnam Veterans
  • Great Smokey Mountains
    National Park
  • Jean Lafitte
    National Historical Park and Preserve
  • Grand Canyon
    National Park
  • Death Valley
    National Park
Rocky Mountain
  • Yellowstone
    National Park
  • John D. Rockefeller, Jr.
    Memorial Parkway
  • Devils Tower
    National Monument
  • Badlands
    National Park
  • Mount Rushmore
    National Memorial
  • Cedar Breaks
    National Monument
  • Zion
    National Park
  • Bryce Canyon
    National Park
  • Pecos
    National Historical Park
  • Minuteman Missile
    National Historic Site
  • Harpers Ferry
    National Historical Park
  • Antietam
    National Battlefield
  • Steamtown
    National Historic Site
  • Delaware Water Gap
    National Recreation Area
  • Independence
    National Historical Park
  • Valley Forge
    National Historical Park
  • Hopewell Furnace
    National Historic Site
  • Upper Delaware
    Scenic & Recreational River
  • Morristown
    National Historical Park
  • Gettysburg
    National Military Park
  • Paterson Great Falls
    National Historical Park
  • Thomas Edison
    National Historical Park

Yellowstone National Park- Wyoming


Not that it started out as a goal, but my family now knows that when we travel, I will make a concerted effort to make it to that respective country’s first national park. Below is my list of first national parks I have been to. The two parks I would love to get back to… Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe for it’s wildlife and Þingvellir National Park in Iceland for the geology and history. Þingvellir just felt magical to me.

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Hwange National Park - Zimbabwe

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Yellowstone National Park - United States

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Killarney National Park - Ireland

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Þingvellir National Park - Iceland


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If you want to support our National Parks and it's truly noble mission, then donate to National Park Foundation, or the National Parks Conservation Association, or Eastern National. Alternatively if you have a park that you particularly want to support, check with a NPS ranger in that park to see if they have a 'friends of' organization associated with the park that you can donate to.

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You may also want to consider supporting the younger sibling of the the NPS and donate to the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation.

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