The Massasauga Provincial Park - Ontario, Canada


One of my favorite hobbies and a great way to relax is to go paddling. There is nothing to beat paddling through an area at different times of the year and watching how nature changes a place so completely — missing a season can be like missing a crucial episode of your favorite TV show. I also very much enjoy paddle/camping. Kayaking can be a very transformative experience spiritually. Even winter kayaking is a pleasure (when dressed appropriately!). I generally kayak locally and I am fortunate to live in an area where there is an abundance of wildlife and beautiful scenery to photograph.

I'm lucky in that I live about seven minutes from the Bill Ashe Canoe and Kayak Launch in the Devens, MA section of the Oxbow National Wildlife Refuge and about fifteen minutes from the Still river put-in in the Harvard section of Oxbow. It allows me to get out for quick solo paddles on a fairly frequent basis. These paddles are typically early morning when wildlife is more active and the light makes for better photos.

I'm also a member of the Worcester chapter of the Appalachian Mountain Club, where I enjoy group paddles on many different rivers in Massachusetts.

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Oxbow National Wildlife Refuge - Harvard, MA

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Some of my favorite photos from my adventures in paddling.